The Scarf ~ Bed and Breakfast

$42 $70

A square of perfection to elevate any look, match your cutest pets, or wrap up your French baguettes…Our first Selkie scarf is a stunning, lightweight square of 100% Cotton, featuring the Selkie logo in a bright glint of gold hardware. A print for Elizabeth Bennett—happily married and in love, still just as fond of country walks and wild flowers. Arrange this scarf around your face for a bike ride along the coastline, or tie it around your neck to feel absurdly put-together when you’re feeling anything but. 

  • 100% Paper Cotton
  • Gold hardware Selkie logo detail
  • Dimensions: 36”x36”
  • Care: Dry clean only.

Selkie's one-of-a-kind prints are uniquely placed, they're committed to sustainability and cut their fabric to prevent any excess waste.

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