Vintage Custom One Teaspoon ~ size 29

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Our in~house vintage is thoughtfully selected to merchandise seamlessly alongside our beautiful contemporary brands y'all know and love. <3 Some of the pieces have been embellished & maybe even stitched up a bit.  But that's okay... because our main goal is to breathe life back into the gorgeous pieces that have been left behind! We use anything and everything from old, vintage lace to handmade crochet, studs, & emrboidered patches. These are some serious gems.

We hope you enjoy wearing your ONE~OF~A~KIND custom vintage just as much as we loved making it for you.

  • Hand~picked vintage chosen for Shake your Bon Bon 
  • Each piece has gone through a special spot cleaning process
  • Blue, Vintage One Teaspoon Jean, size 29 (model usually wears size 25)
  • Distressed over the years, and original distressing at the knees 
  • Custom, hand crochet piece stitched to back pocket, with mini white pearls 

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