Clothing meant to be lived in, loved in ... danced in. 
Shake your Bon Bon began as a charming little boutique on Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2018. Husband and wife team, Stephen (the realist) and Bonnie "Bon Bon" (the dreamer) made their dream a reality when they got married, moved into a new apartment on the third floor, & opened their first brick and mortar all within a few short weeks of each other. Weeks full love, laughter, and lots of takeout. Although their two small dressing rooms have now given way to the more spacious ecommerce dressing rooms that never fill up... the company still strongly believes in and runs their business by the same guiding principles.
 To inspire femininity and positivity to our community through feel-good garments that fit effortlessly into your wardrobe... and if your new clothing just happens to make you want to dance, then we've done our job. We will forever be finding new ways to enhance your customer experience and make sure that you feel the same magic you felt when you walked through our Pink French Doors. Shake your Bon Bon features specially curated collections... inspired by you, and for you. We wish to spark joy through our brand, and be your go-to shop when you just need to dress up and take a dance break. Thank you for shopping with our small business and for supporting our dream! 
All our love, Shake your Bon Bon